what is there to be afraid of?


frozen and paralyzed.

if i peak to see if my fear is justified,

there is a chance that my fear is justified.

if i refuse to look,

i will lie here forever paralyzed.

the moment of action separates imagined fear from the reality of it

but the questions remain;

are you satisfied with being afraid for possibly no reason?

will you be satisfied if what you discover is truly terrifying?

are you satisfied with this paralysis and inaction?

to feel afraid means at some point you felt unafraid.

there was a point at which you felt no uncertainty or disbelief,

that you were once comfortable.

the only way to overcome fear is to act

and in return to learn.

whether you are certain there is a reason to be afraid or not,

simply find a place of certainty.

in this place, fear becomes a surmountable obstacle.


able to prevailed.\

but first you must know, and first you must act.

what is there to be afraid of?


What has love got do with it?
He is love.
He created a being, already forseeing the pain of Gethsemane.
It was for love.
He created Man, creative and inquisitive, in His own beautiful image
He created a being to fellowship with Him.
A being with the ability to choose Him, repent to Him, seek Him in trials and tribulations, happiness and celebrations.
He created us, despite the price of our salvation.
It was because of love, faithful love, that we may love and be loved.
But don’t just quote John 3 somethin and expect people to understand what His love is.
We must showcase, shine, and revive this final commandment of our redeemer.
Love the unloved, outcasts and unseen just as He did.
Faith without action is dead, and lately the church has been filled with hatred.
Despising a brother or sister for their sexual orientation, or the daily high they use for relaxation.
Shunning the young girl pregnant and unwed, alone and abandoned, her baby aborted.
How can we call ourselves desciples of Christ while we tuck away the commandment He held highest?
“Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater”
This is the final commandment of our Savior and instead we selectively love our neighbor.
Do they fit this cut out version of what is considered a Christian?
Are their bushes trimmed do they attend church?
Do I show them this love only if i recieve it in return?
We have created this idea that to deserve love you must be qualified, but how worthy were you when God sent for you His only Son to die.
This, my brothers and sisters is love.
To lay down one’s life just because
To be slapped across the cheek and offer another
To forgive the ones commiting your very own murder.
To selfessly love is something taught from our Father,
And as we live in Him, this love will go farther.
It will cease the suicides, homocides, and mass genocides.
Overthrowing corruption, destruction, and oppression.
His love is the light in our darkness. Let us join together and bring this light to the masses.
This light so bright, the earth will outshine the sun.
Our Father’s Selflesss love.

Om Nashi Me.


the drums beat

om nashi me, om nashi me.

my heart dances,

i’ll love you now and forever.

we dance to the rythm

om nashi me, om nashi me.

i am loving you now.

as the fire dims

om nashi me, om nashi me

isolation does not threaten us.

i love you now and forever.

Inspired by the song, “Om Nashi Me” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.



can content be bad?

some say.

it causes a human to cease to improve themselves or the situation.

it causes idleness.



where does your content lie?

it is when we place happiness on temporary materials

that content becomes man’s downfall.

as temporary items fade,

as does the man’s happiness who finds content in them.

Place your happiness on things that are eternal,





It is here that you find happiness.

happiness that will never fade.

i am.

the measure of a life is not measured in material,

but in the number of people

you serve,



and bring happiness.

it is only in serving that a person is whole,

that a person finds purpose.

through the difference a person makes in this world,

they may receive eternal life.

it is by legacy you may live forever.

Silas Tree.

unspoken words drifting

hopes and dreams floating

not a syllable uttered,

but the presence of Peace speaks for herself

The roof of branches and green leaves shelter us

from Reality,

only letting in the endless, clear blue sky

only letting in Possibility.

reminding us.

everything still

everything silent.

the branches cradle us

 the sun wraps his arms around us

the wind caresses our arms and hair

and the leaves whisper all of our secrets and dreams to the birds

all at once,

they take off.

our secrets away with them,

into the infinite blue yonder,

here we can be us.

here, we are Home.

Some feelings on a tragedy.

September 11,2001
the twin towers fallen to it’s knees,
Along with our country
After years of stomping around without saying thank you,
Or please.

The plan was to hijack
To rob
To steal.
The plane?
In the name of Islam.

Turned into a weapon.

Weapons against The Red, White, and Blue.
Crippling the New York Skyline,
Injuring the American people.
Killing the thing our country holds dear,
The “melting pot” was mixed and boiled with hatred for a hijacked people.
A people used as a weapon against America that day.
Kidnapped and betrayed, Islam was blamed.

The prestigious couple,
Kicked back,
Against the perfect blue, New York sky,
Now billowed with smoke
Stumping every news reporter with:
‘oh my god’ and ‘this is unbelievable’
As 3,000 sum loved ones

But the death toll didn’t end
As the hearts of Americans blackend,
We stirred their sand for so called “democracy”
And the death toll rose, for what?
For something the government planned?
3,000 sum Americans died in vain.

As American privilege slowly slips away,
Our freedoms lost on that perfect day

On a perfect day
Ten after nine
On nine one one
That’s the number we called
As we watched that prestigious couple fall.